May 12, 2017

Letter of Endorsement

To whom it may concern   I manage three residential apartment complexes of 50 stories within the Dockland precinct, these apartments are of high quality and our customers expect results at all times. Please find my letter of endorsement for Odour Management.   Prior to 2016 we were using an odour control company who were using […]
January 20, 2017

Ecosorb in Action-Making an Impact

Ecosorb in Action-Making an Impact International Chemicals Engineering was contacted by management of Dandenong Hospital. Management and staff were unable to determine the cause of a chemical odour, the CFA and other odour specialists were consulted without definitive results. The whole ward was evacuated, so a solution was critical. I.C.E. applied Ecosorb to the ward and […]
December 12, 2016

Need to get rid of bad odours with no VOC’s?

For far too long, traditional cleaning solutions have simply masked these odours with a fragrant deodorizer. But NOW with a combination off NATURAL ingredients, Freshwave is here to eliminate all odours quickly and safely with no harmful VOC’S or harsh chemicals! Sources of VOC’s Household products, including: Paints, paint strippersand other solvents Wood preservatives Aerosol sprays […]