Our Industrial Odour Experience

Waste Management & Landfill

Odour Management is a leading supplier of safe and effective industrial odour management solutions within Australia for a wide variety of applications. .

Our principal Odour Management Industries (USA) is the creator of the proprietary Ecosorb® odour eliminator product range. We combine their product range, with our proven understanding of odour applications and apply specialised engineering to achieve the desired result for our customer’s application. .

Ecosorb® doesn’t mask odour, it neutralises them by breaking them down and removing a broad spectrum of organic and inorganic odours.

From landfills to refineries to wastewater treatment facilities, Odour Management offers an industrial odour management solution that’s safe for you, your process and the environment. Ecosorb odour eliminator is biodegradable and can be applied through a number of delivery systems, these include

  • * Atomisation
  • * Vaporisation
  • * Encapsulation
  • * Infusion into end products

This making Ecosorb® the natural odour management solution for virtually any Small business, large Industry or Municipality

Areas and Applications we have experience are:

  • • Asphalt
  • • Composites
  • • Composting
  • • Food Processing
  • • Liquid Waste
  • • Metal Casting/Foundries
  • • Municipal/Gov
  • • Pulp & Paper
  • • Refining/Petro
  • • Remediation
  • • Rubber & Plastics
  • • Solid Waste
  • • Tank Cleaning
  • • Wastewater

We offer the ability to manufacture, install, commission, maintain and service all equipment we proudly sell to the market.

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