Additive Delivery System

Many times, industrial odours are an unwanted bi product of manufacturing.

However, in some cases, the odour itself becomes intertwined with the end product, this creating a less-than-desirable situation. But there is a solution.

Because Ecosorb® industrial odour control additive is natural, it is non-reactive. This means it can be added to the actual end product, not just during the manufacturing process, to naturally and effectively neutralize malodours with no hindrance to the product itself.

Ecosorb® odour control additive does not replace one odour for another. It does not mask industrial odours with fruit or flower fragrances that may or may not fit well with your product. Instead they eliminate malodours. This means your product will not have to take on any characteristics, such as a perfumed aroma, to address the existing odour concern.

Ecosorb® products are used as additives in a number of industries including asphalt, rubber and plastics to eliminate industrial odours.

Atomisation Delivery System

Throughout the atomisation process, Ecosorb® odour eliminator is mixed with water, pumped through pipes/hoses and delivered via nozzles or fans to areas affected by odour. After the Ecosorb® droplets are dispersed into the air they neutralize odours on contact. The major advantage of atomisation nozzle systems is the level of control they provide. Through various means of control, depending on system style and design, the volume of product dispersed can be regulated.

Ecosorb® atomizing systems offer odour control against malodours associated with various industrial processes as well as odourous material handling. To eliminate any odour, Ecosorb® atomisation systems come in a variety of formats, including explosion-proof systems, high-pressure atomisation systems, air atomisation systems, fan atomisation systems, portable systems and custom designed systems, if needed.

Odour Management will work with you to determine the appropriate nozzle system and pressure levels to distribute Ecosorb® throughout your facility.

High pressure or low pressure solutions

Ecosorb® atomisation can be distributed through hydraulic high pressure or pneumatic low-pressure systems. The high-pressure systems treat odours by dispersing a fine mist into the air to simultaneously treat escaping gas emissions and surface odours.

For smaller areas, or for environments with multiple odour areas, Ecosorb® atomisation can also be distributed through a low-pressure fan system. These portable fan units spray the Ecosorb® and water mix through the fan’s jet stream creating a fine mist over a wide area.

Vapourisation Delivery Systems

Similar in principle to atomisation with a couple of key added benefits, vapourisation provides an environmentally friendly option for the delivery of natural Ecosorb®. Unlike atomisation, no water is used in the vapourisation process, only undiluted Ecosorb. Through the vapour phase unit, pure Ecosorb® products are pumped through a perforated pipe distribution system, creating a dry vapour to eliminate airborne smells.

Efficient vapourisation systems are easy to operate and provide an economical odour control solution. Another key difference is that a vapour phase system delivers dry Ecosorb® product vapours at rates as low as 130 CFM to a high of 2,400 CFM, making it adaptable for a variety of applications. Custom designs are also available.

Spray Gel Delivery System

A special spray gel formulation of Ecosorb® odour eliminator topically encapsulates material, blocking odours from escaping into the atmosphere.

Ecosorb® Spray Gel® is an ideal solution for sludge handling and transportation, open-bed waste trucks, working faces of landfills, soil remediation projects, and other solid/semi-solid odorous materials that continuously emit odours.

With its natural formulation, topical Ecosorb® spray gel is environmentally friendly and can safely eliminate offensive industrial odours from neighbourhoods and communities.

After being reviewed by independent industry experts, Ecosorb® Spray Gel® was named the Environmental Protection New Product of the Year, recognizing it as an effective product that reduces risk to users and the environment.

A range of dispersion systems are available to evenly distribute the semi-liquid Ecosorb® over malodorous materials in trucks, in storage sheds, around landfills or as they are released from machinery such as tillers or graders. The unique topical spray gel absorbs and controls these malodours, eliminating offensive smells from the environment.

Our spray gel encapsulation technique has been used as an effective odour control method for malodours associated with compost, wastewater sludge, remediation soil and solid waste.