Commercial Odour Control

Fresh Wave IAQ is the only line of commercial-grade odour eliminating products that are non-toxic, effective on both organic and inorganic odours, and available in multiple formats to address most applications.

Freshwave IAQ (Indoor air quality) has been successfully utilised in the USA for more than 20 years. Odour Management is an Australian owned and operated company that has been introducing Freshwave IAQ to the Australian market. Freshwave IAW’s science is renowned worldwide for its broad spectrum applications and efficient performance, as well as its safe, healthy attributes. If the objective is to eliminate unwanted problem odours – Fresh Wave IAQ is the solution!

Fresh Wave IAQ is engineered from a unique and simple formula, based on a proprietary blend of plant oils (including lime, pine needles, aniseed, clove and cedarwood), food-grade surfactant and water, which is environmentally friendly, does not contain harmful VOCs, alcohol or fragrance and is safe to use in any commercial environment…..Well EVERYWHERE!

Not only has the technology behind Fresh Wave IAQ been tested and proven to be effective by academics and independent third parties, it has also earned the USA Environmental Protection Agency’s Safer Choice recognition. Our professional team will assist you with establishing an odour management strategy to effectively reduce malodours.