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Odour Management for Commercial & Industrial Applications

Odour Management provides a range of unique natural products that will eliminate malodours for both Commercial and Industrial applications. Our entire range of odour control products are natural, non-toxic and safe for people, pets and the local environment.

About Odour Management & I.C.E.

International Chemicals Engineering (I.C.E.) is a privately owned Australian company established in 1992. I.C.E. has an unsurpassed reputation in supplying chemical metering and OEM dosing systems, equipment and solutions through out Australian and New Zealand, within the chemical, oil & gas industries.

In 2012, International Chemicals Engineering P/L started a division specifically targeted at odour Control and Odour Elimination. Odour Management was formed and represents Fresh Wave IAQ (commerical) & Ecosorb (industrial).

I.C.E. have been using Ecosorb as an odour neutraliser successfully since 2002. We began testing the limits of delivering Ecosorb to the source of our gas odours and other odour hazards. The results have been outstanding, we now provide Ecosorb to many industries, Tallow producers, waste industry and all oil and gas producers.

In 2017 Under a recent restructure, Odour Management has been moved away from its parent company International Chemicals Engineering and placed within a new organisation called H2O Odour Pty Ltd. Odour Management is very excited about the new change.

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